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Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in our new article, friends, today we will give you information about such a loan application, which is currently providing you instant personal loan through Aadhaar and PAN card, friends here  But it will not take you much time and the company will provide you loan, how much loan amount will it provide, for how long will it provide loan,

which documents will it provide loan, what company friends, you have to apply for loan here, everything we  Will give you information through today’s post, friends, you people have to read this article till the end, think and understand, after that I want to apply for instant personal loan here, so friends, now let’s start the post.

How much loan will you get from Bharat Pe Loan App ?

Here you will be provided with an instant personal loan company of at least ₹ 500 and up to a maximum of ₹ 5 lakh, friends, here you can be given a loan amount of less or more, it will be given a loan according to your civil.

How much interest do you have to pay for taking a loan from the Bharat Pe Loan app ?

Friends, if you apply for a loan online here, then you will have to pay at least 35% interest here, friends, here you may have to pay less or more interest.

How much processing fee will be charged for taking loan from Bharat Pe Loan App ?

Friends, if you apply for a loan in this company, then you will have to pay a processing fee of at least 10% and a maximum of 15%. It will depend on the loan amount availed by the.

How much time will you get on taking loan from Bharat Pay App ?

Friends, if we talk about time, then the company can provide you at least 7 days and maximum 3 years, or according to your credit score, the company will provide time. Friends, here it is not certain that your The company should give you only 3 years time, here the company can give you less or more time.

Representative Example:

⁍ Loan Amount: ₹50,000

⁍ APR: 35%

⁍ Tenure: 12 months

⁍ Processing Fee: ₹1000

⁍ GST on Processing Fee: ₹180

⁍ Amount Disbursed: ₹49,000

⁍ EMI: ₹4,998

⁍ Total Repayment Amount: ₹59,978

⁍ Total Interest: ₹9,978

Bharat Loan App Eligibility Criteria :

1: Should have acquired Indian citizenship.
2: Age should be minimum 21 years and maximum 55 years.
3: Must be working somewhere with salary.
4: Your monthly salary should be at least ₹15000.
5: Your monthly salary should come in your bank account
6: You should also have 3 months old bank statement.
7: You should also have salary slip.
8: How should Aadhaar PAN card be the original document.
9: So you have to fulfill all these eligibility here in total when you apply for online loan in this company.

What are the documents required for taking loan from Bharat Pay Loan App ?

1: Aadhaar registered mobile number.
2: PAN Card.
3: Aadhaar Card.
4: 3 months old bank statement.
5: Live Photo.
6: Salary Slip.
7: Signature on white paper.
8: So friends here, overall all these documents will be asked by the company when you will apply for online loan in this company.

How to apply for loan from Bharat Pay Loan App ?

1: First of all, you need to install Bharat Pay loan app from Google Play Store.

2: After that you will have to register in it with your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar card.

3: After that you will have to create your account here by filling some of your information.

4: After that you have to do your KYC here.

5: Friends, then your application will be examined.

6: And then you will be given the limit according to your civil.

7: After that you have to sign the agreement.

8: After that you have to give them live photo and your bank account number.

9: And then after 2 or 5 minutes your money will be successfully transferred to your bank account.

10: So friends, in this way you can apply for online loan here.

Bharat Pay Loan App Review :

Friends, you do not have to use this application because this application collects your data and does not provide loan to you, friends first asks for money from you, then provides loan to you, but when you pay them money, it will Will block you, so friends, do not apply for loan in this application, otherwise you do not have to download this application.

Through today’s post, we have come to know how to apply for loan online from Bharat Pay App. If you have come many times, then follow this blog of ours, friends, I have given you all the information here, now friends, we meet you some with the next new company and some in the next new article.

Thank you very much to all of you for reading this article till the end.

   Thank You :

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