First love at first sight: Cute Love Story:

Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in our new post, friends, today we are going to tell you the love story of a boy and a girl, friends, if your age is between 15 years to 25 years, then friends this story Will touch your heart friends, I will request you once that you read our story carefully friends, after that you try to understand it, you stay away from these things friends, if you do not stay away from these things So what will be your condition, you will know all this after telling the story, so friends, I would request you to read our post till the end and discuss your thoughts.


Friends, what happens when we are young, that is, when we are young, we do not understand so much, then we fall into wrongdoing, friends, when we go to wrongdoing, we do not tell anyone, but when we get used to it If it becomes a habit, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. Friends, you do not like to eat, you do not like to talk to anyone, you do not like to be with anyone, you only see your love, so friends, when you are in it. You are stuck means that your system is completely messed up, then you regret later, friends, why should you not study in these things, I will tell you everything through this story, then I will request you that you Read this story of ours till the end and friends, later make a lovely comment that how did you like our story, then friends, let us start the story now.

Friends, once upon a time there was a boy named Golu and a girl whose name was Ankit. Friends, both of them used to smile very much after seeing each other. thought that why not get Ankit’s number so that we will talk to him on the phone, friends, I was thinking about this, then Ankit leaves from there and Golu keeps on thinking while standing, friends, Bolo feels as if his whole Happiness must have gone away from him, he must have drowned in sorrow, the revenge of sorrow must have broken on him, he felt as if after Ankita’s departure, friends, this feeling was as painful and sad as it was unique, friends, my style Perhaps this was their first love and their first meeting.



Friends Golu had no way to find Ankita but there was a mall where Ankit used to go everyday friends Golu thought why not keep him outside the mall all day so that I can have some conversation with Ankit friends he is about 20 Day continued to go to the mall and kept waiting for Ankit, friends, any person passing there, be it a boy or a girl, Golu used to feel as if Ankit was passing by him and he was standing there looking for Ankit. Friends, after waiting for whole 20 days, he got the fruit i.e. suddenly he saw Ankit. Friends, Ankit stood in front of him and said to Golu that how are you here.



When Golu saw Ankita, he felt that there is no more sorrow with him, he has found the treasure of happiness, there he did not say anything for a long time, he was feeling so happy, later Ankit told him that you have been there for so many days. Why are you waiting for me, you have been waiting for so many days to see me, haven’t you and when I stood in front of you today, I can’t even speak to you, are you angry with me, said Ankit. I am happy that no words are coming out of my mouth, then after some time Golu lowered his head and said that how do you know that I have been waiting for you here for many days and am here for you. Who told you that I keep it everyday or come again and again?


Ankita said to Golu that I know everything because from the day you are looking at me, you are looking very restless and you started coming here everyday in search of me, from the day I met you in the mall, maybe you have been with us. As soon as he said that he has fallen in love, laddoos burst in Golu’s mouth. I did not know that I come here only in search of you, when you are saying that I come here everyday in search of you, then I accept it.



Ankita told Gol that one day you were inquiring in my shop and the shopkeeper asked you and did not tell anything that I am his regular customer, so he called me and told me everything about you that some Ankit would even risk his life for you. That’s why I started spying on him from day one and I started keeping an eye on you.


Ankit told Golu that I had fixed my eyes on you since day one, I liked you at first glance when I saw you in the mall and I also liked you very much, so when I started keeping an eye on you, my mind I wanted to know more about you i.e. more deeply so I was trying to know about you I was thinking of talking to you from the same day and in these 20 days I saw you many times and asked you about you I tried to know but today the day has come when I can talk to you in front of you.


I came to know that why you are searching for me because you fell in love with us and you had to confirm that you love me or not if your love is not physical attraction means to use me. So it is not. Golu said that it is not so.


Friends, within these 20 days, keeping an eye on Ankit, there is not much love and love for you in my heart, because now I do not feel relaxed without you, neither do I like to talk to anyone without you, nor do I feel without you. I don’t like to go anywhere, nor do I like to eat without you, I feel very restless when you are not in front of me, so today I am not left and I told you like this, Ankit also accepted his point and he Also said that I too cannot live without you, so today I spoke to you.



Friends, Golu told his name to Ankita and while talking, they entered each other so much that they got to know about each other very well, now both of them started proposing each other and yes, they are so much in these days. They were happy as if there was no sorrow in their life, they both glowed with happiness, in this moment they took each other’s phone number and now they both started talking to each other on the phone, now their love is very deep. Now they started going to some other place to meet each other and even now they never wanted to be separated from each other i.e. wanted to stay together for life.


So friends, we hope that you would have liked the love story told by us very much. Try because if you survive in this then maybe your life will be well but if you completely drown in it then there will be many difficulties in your life you may also have to be separated from your family members so that’s why friends Avoid these matters as much as you can.


So friends, that’s all in today’s post, see you next new post


Thank you very much to all of you for reading this post till the end.


           Thank You :

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