Goodness Triumphs: Hindi Story for Kids:

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Friends, before proceeding further in the story, I would request you with folded hands that you read our story till the end and understand and friends must discuss your views on it, so friends, without spending much time, let us start the story now. Let’s see what is the meaning of the story of the victory of goodness, what will we learn from it, so friends, now let’s start the post.


Friends, a farmer named Sher Singh lived in a village, friends, that farmer was very proud and quarrelsome, friends, all the villagers used to stay away from Sher Singh, neither used to talk to him, nor used to ask for any loan from him, nor did he mean much. Used to keep in the same village, a farmer named Ram Singh had come from another village and had settled, that is, he had started living. Were and loved him very much from the farmer i.e. Ram Singh. And the same no one wanted to talk to Sher Singh nor did anyone mean anything to him, in comparison to him everyone used to speak and mean things to Ram Singh.



Friends, one day the villagers told Ram Singh that you should stay away from Sher Singh, he is a very quarrelsome and proud man, then Ram Singh laughed and said that if Sher Singh quarrels with me, then I will teach him a good lesson to Sher Singh. When he came to know about this, he was filled with anger i.e. turned red with anger. One day Sher Singh left his oxen in Ram Singh’s field. Ram Singh drove the oxen out of the field and did not say anything to Sher Singh. .


Friends, one day Ram Singh’s friend sent sweet watermelons to Ram Singh. Friends, Ram Singh sent one watermelon to all the villagers’ house. Sher Singh did not take this watermelon. The man who came to give watermelon to Sher Singh, Sher Singh He told the man to take back this watermelon, I am not a beggar who eats what is given by everyone, he returned Ram Singh’s watermelon i.e. Sher Singh did not take Ram Singh’s watermelon.


Friends, the rainy season came, Sher Singh went to the city after filling the grain in the trolley, then friends, Sher Singh’s tractor got stuck in a drain outside the village, even after a lot of effort, the tractor did not come out of the drain. Due to the behavior of Sher Singh, none of the villagers came to help him nor was ready to help him, then Ram Singh came to know about this, he took his tractor and reached near Sher Singh’s tractor. With the help of Sher Singh’s tractor got out of the drain.


Friends, Sher Singh’s pride was shattered, he was very remorseful for his behavior and he decided from the same day that he would help all the villagers and would not quarrel with anyone, love everyone. Will speak in advance, the way Ram Singh treats everyone, I will also treat everyone in the same way and help everyone.



Friends, this story teaches us that good has conquered evil, friends, the way we treat others, the other will also treat us, if we treat someone wrong, then we will also be treated wrongly. If we behave well with all people then everyone will help us when needed and always treat us well. You will have to lower your head, that means you will have to bow down in front of everyone.


So friends, I would like to give you an information that you should behave very well with your villagers, speak with love to all the people and help all the people in need. If you do not behave well with them, if you misbehave with them, you will be treated in the same way as you would treat others and on the other hand, if you live well with those villagers and support them in times of trouble, then your Also money will treat you as you are doing with those people friends you will not have any problem if you treat everyone well and if you treat everyone wrong then you will have a lot of trouble you will find it difficult to live Will go.


Friends, the story I have just told you is that Sher Singh used to misbehave with everyone, Sher Singh also misbehaved with Ram Singh, but if Ram Singh was not there in this village today, no one would have come to help Sher Singh. That’s why friends, behave well with everyone so that everyone helps you when needed.


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