heart touching true love story :

Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in one of our new articles, friends, today we have again brought a new love story for you, if you read the love story carefully, then friends, you must read the story. You will be stunned because you will get to learn a lot from it, so friends especially I would request you to read this story of ours till the end and then after that friends leave a lovely comment that how did you like this story. So friends, without taking much time, now let’s start the story and see what we get to learn here, let’s start.



Friends, what happens when we know very well about someone’s love, that is, when we hear the word love, then we feel such a stir inside that it may happen to me too, it is a lot of joy, but when we If you get trapped, then there is a lot of trouble, friends, listening to the word love, there is a stir in our heart and in the whole body, friends, we are going to tell you about a true love story here, which many people like, friends, if you Friends, if you read this story till the end, you will get to see a lot of learning here and your mental development will also increase, but I will give you one focus that you should avoid it as much as you can.

Heart touching true love story :

Friends, this story is about a boy who did not know anything about love, I would like to tell you one thing that till today he had not even heard the name of love, nor did he know anything about it. What happened together, we will tell you in the form of a story, friends, I would like to request you guys that if you want to understand this story well, then you should read this post till the end, friends, after that you can make a comment on it. Discuss and friends once tell us in the comments what did you learn from this, then friends, now let’s start the story.



Friends, there was a boy whose name was Golu, he used to be very happy, there was no shortage in his life, nor did he have any kind of sorrow, he was still studying and that boy was the fastest and smartest in studies. All the teachers of the school were happy with Golu. When Golu reached ninth class, a new girl was admitted in his class. But no one used to cast an evil eye on the girls, he never had any wrong thoughts for the girls, time passed slowly and now that girl and Golu had come in the same class.


Friends, let me tell you one thing that when the girl was newly admitted, there was no conversation between these two. Friends, there is a saying that no matter what the intention is, it can study in both of them only after some time. Some things related to marriage started, earlier there was very little talk, but the desire to talk to each other increased more and they started getting a lot of pleasure in talking to each other, now slowly they are in love with each other. It was starting to happen but Golu did not know about it yet, but the girl understood very quickly that she had fallen in love with the boy and now she was ready to live with Golu.


Friends, time passed but even after a long time, even after one or two months, Golu did not know that the girl has started loving him, but Golu already suspected that the girl was in love with him, but Golu Never used to take this matter to heart and used to talk to each other in simple form.


Friends, Golu still did not know anything, he just understood each other as friendship, slowly time went on and now both of their studies were about to end, the girl used to think that the boy should say something to her and the boy used to think Let the girl say something to him. One day the girl wanted to ask Golu’s friend about Golu. Friends have a saying that a friend is a friend, be it good days or bad days, a true friend always comes in handy. Golu’s friend gave him all the information related to Golu to the girl and told everything.


Friends, all the other boys of the school were very jealous and irritated with Golu because Golu was sharp in everything. Friends, Golu’s exam was near and Golu’s friend wanted to spoil Golu’s exam. The boys did not stop talking about Golu till the time it reached the teacher, the teacher was not believing him, even after that the boy remained stunned that after all my friend had made a what is done


Now whenever Golu went to school, all the boys kept their eyes on Golu, but Golu did not like his insult and he did not see Golu’s insult on the girl, but still, Golu was forced to face his insult. Friends, this is why Golu stopped talking to the girl and started being very upset, as soon as Golu’s exam was over, friends, after that Golu started his new life, even though he had to face Golu’s exam in the girl’s affair. There were less marks but still he was very happy, after the end of studies he worked very hard and tried to become a very big officer.



Friends, as time passed, Golu worked very hard and after some time he became an officer and he also got married to the girl he loved and now they both started living very happily, friends Golu The dream which he had seen after passing the examination, all his dreams came true and now both of them had come into each other’s life and started living very lovingly. Even now his friends were very jealous of his success but Golu did not mind it.



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