How does digital crypto currency work in 2023 :

Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in our another new article, friends, today we will tell you how cryptocurrency works, so friends, stay tuned in this article and through this article, we will give you the same information that we will tell you information related to crypto currency here, friends, you have to read this post carefully till the end and then after that you can invest in it if you want. We tell you how cryptocurrency works.

Friends, crypto currency is actually the only means of financial transaction, just like Indian rupee and US dollar, the only difference is that it is virtual currency and is not visible, nor can you touch it, hence it is also called digital currency. goes .


Unregulated market risk :

However, keeping in mind the risk in its unregulated market, the Government of India has made preparations to crack down on RBI digital currency and in the current winter session, it has to sleep on the related bill. Most of the people now have a great desire to know about it, so friends, we tell you what is crypto currency and how it works. Will be able to come


Friends, let me tell you for your information that their entire business is done through online medium where there is an intermediary between currency transactions of another country like the central bank in India but there is no intermediary in crypto business and it is operated online by a network and it is used online only and banks are not consulted while using it.


Friends, this is the reason that it is being done as an unregulated market, which will make anyone rich in a moment and will make him fall on the ground in one stroke, so friends, there is 100% risk in this, or I have also told you in the previous article that you people should not invest much money in it due to someone’s greed and friends, there is 100% profit in it. Is going


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