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Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in our new post, friends, today we are going to tell you a story, the name of the story is the story of father, son and donkey, friends, here you will enjoy a lot, if you read our story Will read till the end, friends, I will also request you to read this story till the end, think carefully and then after that tell this story briefly to your children and also comment on us that you have been told by us. Friends, how did you like the story, without taking much time, now let us start the story and see how the author has described this story.


Friends, it was a long time ago that you and your son lived in a village, once they thought that why not take a donkey, so that they would continue to do some work, but friends, both agreed with their advice and went to the market to buy the donkey. Far away from the village, there seemed to be a market of animals, friends, they reached the place where donkeys were sold, they bought a donkey there and both of them left on foot with the donkey, friends, they walked some distance and saw a village. There was a way from this village, but the people of the village told him while looking at him.

Look, there is no human being as foolish as him, both of them have donkeys, yet both are walking on foot. Friends, the boy’s father felt very bad about this and then both father and son walked on the donkey.


Friends, both of them were able to reach a short distance, similarly another man of the village saw them and said that look, both of them are sitting on the donkey, the poor donkey is not even able to walk properly, both of them together are taking him out of the donkey’s pile. Are .


After listening to the villagers, both of them got off the donkey and again a man from the village saw both the walking friends and said to them that look how foolish both of them are. This time the boy was put on the donkey and started walking again.


Friends, both of them were able to reach only a short distance, then a man from the village looked at them and said, “Look, how useless the son is, the poor father is walking and himself is sitting on top of the donkey; Came down and this time the son started walking and the father started walking on the donkey.


Friends, they were able to reach only a short distance, similarly a man saw them and said, look, the poor son is walking and you yourself are sitting on the donkey, friends, this thing made you feel bad and they both started walking again. Started walking .



Friends, both of them were walking on their own and the donkey was also walking, they found a man and said that no one is as stupid as him. Despite being a donkey, both of them are walking, friends, this time they tied the donkey to a pole and took their -Whenever the villager saw him, he used to walk by putting them on his shoulder, then he used to laugh, due to which both of them were very upset, but friends, now their house was near and they both were able to reach the house by hanging the donkey upside down. .


So friends, we learn from this story that if you do any work, the people who see you will definitely laugh at it. In the end, both of them brought the donkey on themselves, they were the only fools who used to say, let them say, both of them would walk comfortably sitting on the donkey, friends, you will do any work, at least the person in front of you will be jealous of you, so friends, listen to anyone’s words. But don’t pay attention, work with your intelligence.



So friends, now we end this story here, friends, we hope that you have liked our story, friends, if you liked our story, then share this story as much as possible and friends, if you people on our blog If you have come for the first time, then follow this blog of ours, friends and do discuss your views on it, how did you like this story.



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So friends, that’s all in today’s story and friends, now we will meet you in the next new story.



Thank you very much to all of you for reading our story till the end.



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