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Hello friends, welcome to all of you once again in our new article, friends, today we will tell you what is crypto currency, friends, you must have heard the name of crypto currency very little till now, there are many people who have not even heard the name of crypto currency, so friends, those who had not heard the name of crypto currency, today they will get all the information about crypto currency.


What is crypto currency, how it is used, how to invest in it, we will give you this information through this article, so friends, before proceeding further in the article, I would request you once that if you have come on this blog for the first time, then follow this blog and friends, share it as much as possible so that your friends or family members can also invest in it.

Friends, I would also like to tell you one thing that if you invest in this, then you can have both loss and profit here, so friends, first invest less money here, if you get benefit in it, then you can invest here. Invest more money, otherwise, if you agree to our opinion, then first of all you should invest maximum ₹ 1000 here and when you see the profit there, then you can also invest ₹ 10000 or ₹ 100000 there, if you direct ₹ 100000 here If you invest somewhere, if you have a loss, then all your money will go away. If you invest with less money, then you will get a lot of benefit here.


So, friends, first of all, we give you this information that.

what is crypto currency ?

Friends, crypto currency has also been given the name of digital currency, that is, which is also called digital currency, friends can also call it a coin, here the principal amount is in a digital wallet, it is used to buy any service through online medium. Apart from India, this currency is mostly used in many other countries.



Friends, if trading can be done and crypto currency is getting a lot of promotion in many other platforms, digital currency is 1 member 2 member electronic system, it is done very easily through internet, in this time using digital currency to buy goods and services has started increasing in regular and other countries and friends or will continue to grow.


Friends, if we talk about it generally, then it is impossible to use the commonly used currency through banks and without telling the banks or without consulting the banks, it is impossible to use the digital currency without informing the bank without consulting the bank. Can be used in transactions Cryptocurrency started as bitcoin and it was used on blockchain It was launched in or if we talk simply, it was launched in 2009.


Friends, if seen, the most unit of bitcoin is Santoshi and there are 100 million Satoshi in one bitcoin, friends, in this way it can be divided into other parts as well, as crypto currency is being used from time to time, similarly the amount of cryptocurrency is increasing.


Friends, if seen, crypto currency is of the same type.


Friends, the launch of crypto currency in different markets does not mean that classification is being done, we will tell you the names of some such coins which are currently on a good platform for training.

As:- bitcoin,metic,Ada,solana,dogecoin,Tron,Bainence coin,Etheriam etc .


So friends, through today’s article, we have told you what is crypto currency, friends, now you must have understood very well about crypto currency, how to invest in cryptocurrency and how much money to invest in it. So that you do not have any problem, friends, I would like to focus on one thing again, that you invest very little money in this for the first time, when you get benefit here, then after that you invest more money here. Can


Friends, no matter how much greed you get, you do not have to waste much trouble here by getting greedy.


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So friends, through today’s article, we have given you all the information here and that’s all in today’s article. And now we meet you in the next new article with a new topic in .


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