What is the legal of crypto currency in India in 2023:


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Is cryptocurrency legal in India ?

Friends, I want to tell you for your information that cryptocurrency has been made legal in India with a tax of 30%, 30% of your earnings like ₹ 3000 out of your ₹ 10000 will have to be provided to the government.



So friends, now we are giving you this information here that how much profit you will get from this and how much you will lose.


Profit and loss from cryptocurrency ?

So friends, I would like to inform you here that 2900 Indian investors in India have been investing in this and are also giving a lot of profit in it, even many people have become very rich from this and many people There is a loss also, so there is both risk and profit in it, you should invest money according to your pocket, invest it on your own responsibility, friends, if someone gives you a good opinion, then do not get greedy by following his words, friends, do not invest much of your capital in this. Because later your money is lost, then you will blame the person who advised you.


Friends, I would like to tell you for your information that if you invest more money here and there is a loss with you, then friends, do not blame the person who advised you, if you listen to us, no one No matter how much advice a person gives you, no matter how much greed he gives you, you should not get greedy there, if you get greedy and spend ₹ 100000, if your money sinks somewhere, then you will make that person guilty if you believe according to yourself. Anyone gives you a greed of ₹ 100000 if you invest ₹ 1000 in it and if it happens to you then you will not have to bear much loss but if you spend ₹ 200000 then you will have to bear huge loss.


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